MBCC Homebrew Competition

Do you dream of hops? Is malt always on your mind? Would you love to share your brew with the world? Well, here is your chance to pour your beer for the world's most amazing beer crowd.

We want to find the best home brewer in the Mikkeller universe. The competition will happen at only O.G Mikkeller Bar Viktoriagade on Thursday the1st of February 2024, where a mystery judge and Mikkel himself will judge the winner
You win the chance to pour your beer at MBCC 2024 along with all of the hype and privilege an MBCC brewer receives. Are you ready to test your skills against the best in the world?



- Best beer (can be any style)

- Best Czech Lager (since it’s of course #YearOfTheLager) — what do we mean by that exactly? Write to daniel@mikkeller.dk and get the specific details on what makes a Czech Lager a… well, Czech Lager.


An official stand to pour your beer at MBCC 2024! Brewers pass (+one) with access to all the special events and perks this entitles you too. A celebration of your beer on Mikkeller SoMe.

You will also get the opportunity to brew your beer at WarPigs’ state-of-art facilities!


1. All beers must arrive between January 15-26 at Mikkeller HQ (Humletorvet 27, 3., 1799 Copenhagen - att: Daniel - Home brew Comp.).

2. The judging will be a blind tasting, with only name & style provided to the judges.

3. Competition is open worldwide, but the winner is responsible for transporting the beer to MBCC 2023.


Interview with 2023 winner: 

Meet last year’s winner of the MBCC Home Brew Competition, Allard de Wijkerslooth 🍻

He championed the competition with a Belgian tripel style with a hint of orange and earned a spot among the world’s best breweries at last year’s MBCC:

“Being part of the Homebrew Competition was a fantastic experience,” he says.

“Getting the feedback on my beer from Mikkel meant a lot. The experience after winning was even more amazing. Not to mention attending MBCC as a brewer and having so many people taste my beer, talking about brewing with the visitors and the real brewers was the experience of a lifetime.”

So what was the secret to winning the competition 🤔 ?

“I just submitted a beer I like the best myself,” he says. “I had a few years to tweak the recipe as it is a beer I brew at least once a year for Christmas. I think the beer I submitted was the 7th or 8th tweak in the recipe. Obviously I have not tweaked the recipe since winning the competition, and I brewed it a lot more times since as people are still asking me to taste it.