A safe space with +2000 drunk people? MBCC Code of Conduct

MBCC Code of Conduct

As we gear up for the Mikkeller Beer Celebration (MBCC) in 2024, it's crucial to acquaint ourselves with the guidelines that shape our community. This Code of Conduct outlines essential Mikkeller policies and procedures, tailored for MBCC 2024, to ensure a positive and inclusive environment for all participants, be they volunteers, partners, or contributors.

1. Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion

At Mikkeller, diversity, equality, and inclusion are not just principles; they are our guiding lights. We are committed to fostering an environment where everyone feels respected, valued, and able to give their best. In our dedication to diversity, we focus on aspects such as gender identity, nationality, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age, disability, religion, and pregnancy or maternity.

Our commitment extends to promoting dignity, respect, and a workplace where individual differences are not just acknowledged but celebrated. Discrimination has no place here, be it in pay, benefits, terms of employment, or any aspect of our operations.

2. Harassment and Bullying

Mikkeller is resolute in maintaining a workplace free from harassment and bullying, which we categorize as discrimination. We define harassment based on various factors, including sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, nationality, ethnic background, religion, age, and disability.

We are committed to identifying and eradicating hidden structures that contribute to harassment. Any individual engaged in harassment will face remedial and/or disciplinary action. Harassment is not tolerated, and those responsible will be held accountable, irrespective of their position within Mikkeller.

3. Mikkeller MBCC Reporting Procedure

For MBCC 2024, we've designed a reporting procedure to encourage volunteers to voice concerns or complaints related to our policies on diversity, equality, inclusion, and harassment. Volunteers can report grievances, including but not limited to harassment and bullying, health and safety, management and safety, brewer, guest, and employee behavior.

Volunteers can reach out to their Volunteer Captain, a Safe Space rep, or the Mikkeller MBCC Volunteer Manager to file a grievance. Individuals facing allegations have the right to respond, and we commit to maintaining a fair and impartial grievance procedure, preserving confidentiality, and resolving grievances promptly.

4. Mikkeller Whistleblower Policy

Mikkeller values openness and encourages employees, volunteers, partners, and guests to share concerns about potential breaches of laws, regulations, or internal policies. Our Whistleblower Policy ensures a channel for reporting breaches or incidents of concern. Examples include breaches of sexism and harassment policies, sanctions policy, or other serious concerns.

This whistleblower scheme aims to maintain the integrity of the Mikkeller organization. Concerns related to festival logistics or volunteer-employee relations should be reported through the Mikkeller MBCC Reporting Procedure for Grievance and Concerns.

As we approach MBCC 2024, Mikkeller remains dedicated to creating an inclusive, respectful, and safe environment. We welcome feedback and commitment from everyone involved, ensuring equal opportunities and a healthy work environment. For further queries or feedback, contact hr@mikkeller.dk, with the subject line "Mikkeller MBCC Environment."

We look forward to making MBCC 2024 a memorable and respectful experience for all!

Best regards,

Mikkel Bjergsø, Founder & CEO
Ditte Lassen-Kahlke, Chair & General Counsel
Daniel Vous, Head of MBCC
Camilla Hildebrandt Korsholm, Head of HR

...And the rest of Team Mikkeller!