Mikkeller Beer Celebration Copenhagen

MBCC is our annual beer festival, where we celebrate good beer and the people who brew it. The conception of the festival came way back when we hosted the 1st anniversary of our original beer bar on Viktoriagade, where we invited some of our friends from the brewing industry to stop by and bring some of their beer.


More than just a beer festival

From then on things moved quickly and the birthday turned into an actual beer festival quite fast. Throughout the years we have always sought to push the boundaries for what a beer festival can actually represent and do some crazy things along the way, and in 2025 close to one hundred breweries from all over the world will make their way to Copenhagen.

What makes MBCC different from a lot of other beer festivals is first and foremost our “free bar” concept. Lots of other beer festivals use a token system where you purchase tokens in exchange for samples, but at MBCC you just grab your glass and are free to roam around and taste all the goodies. If you just started to dip your toes into the wonderful world of craft beer then MBCC is the perfect event for you to taste a ton of different beer styles and really explore what beer can be. However, it’s also a pure paradise for all the beer geeks out there, as MBCC gives you access to some really top shelf beers you normally wouldn’t be able to get your hands on - not to mention the insane one-off brews made only for MBCC.

The ticket structure for MBCC is based on different sessions. Session tickets give you access to one (or more) of the four sessions we are hosting during Friday and Saturday. At each session the different breweries will bring new beer, so there will always be something exciting to taste.


What is a session and what does it include?

Free Bar Concept: Unlike other beer festivals that use a token system, MBCC employs a "free bar" concept. Attendees are not required to purchase tokens for samples. Instead, you can freely explore and taste the diverse range of beers.

Access to Breweries: Each session features a variety of +100 breweries from around the world. Brewers bring their unique and often rare or special beers for attendees to savor.

Session Structure: The festival is organized into sessions of four hours, and you can purchase tickets for one or more sessions. Each session introduces new beers from participating breweries, ensuring there's always something new and exciting to taste.

When is the GOLD event? 

The dates of the event will be Wednesday 21st of May and Thursday 22nd of May. Pick whichever one fits you best! It starts at noon, more details follow later.

Are the tickets personal? Does it matter if my name is on the ticket or if I buy it for someone else?

It does not matter if your name or someone else's name is on the ticket. However, be cautious of ticket scams and consider using platforms that allow secure ticket transfers.

Who has access to the official after party?

Everyone with any type of wristband has access to the after party on Saturday night, immediately following the GREEN session, which ends at 20:00 CET. During the after party everyone can enjoy full-sized beers together with good music.

Is the beer for free when I enter the festival?

Oh yes! Once you enter the festival, all beers are included. You are free to explore all the different kinds of beers on the festival. If you prefer a full-sized beer, you are more than welcome to order one in Lager land ,or you can go to our outdoor public bar where you can purchase beers next to your food, all beers inside the MBCC venue are complimentary.

Are dogs allowed?

No, we're sorry! Dogs cannot be accommodated at MBCC due to the serving of food and drinks.

Are kids allowed?

Yes, children are welcome in the company of adults.

Is there any food at the fest?

Certainly! There will be a diverse selection of food options available at all times during MBCC, including a food court with around 10 food choices. So plenty of options to choose from for everyone!

Can I access the outside area without a ticket?

Yes, you can! There is public access to the outside area with food, bars, and fun activities. However, to enter the venue (inside), you'll need to show your wristband.

What happens in between the sessions?

During the breaks, you can explore the food options or visit the outdoor beer tent, where you can enjoy refreshing lagers and exclusive beers from each session.



A lot of stuff is happening in the week leading up to MBCC.
Here is a quick overview of what is going to happen.